Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Sam's surgery has been moved up to tomorrow, because there was room on the schedule.
Lots of happy thoughts, energy and prayers tomorrow at 9:45 am!

Then and Now

Hey... long time, no write.

I managed a poem in class yesterday during our fast write time. Here is the picture that prompted the poem:

It's me and my brother in Georgia in 1987.

And here is the poem, tentatively called "Then and Now"

Then I was 14
And in love with being misunderstood
I would sit for hours
In my room
Listening to sad pop songs
Mooning over a boy
Conjugating French verbs
Doodling on my shoes
Wearing safety pins on my knees.

Now I am 33
And in love with my children.
I sit for minutes
During naptime
Pondering their presents and futures
Listening to not-so-gentle snores and off-key singing
Washing dishes
Making dinner
Doodling on school handouts while on hold
Wearing drool-stained sweaters.

Then I hated family
And all things relative, I was
Counting the minutes until I could leave to be with my friends,
Playing the piano under protest
Sneaking dessert after dinner.

Now I dislike some family
And a few things relative; I
Count the minutes until bedtime when I can leave off the mommy-mantle
Play Candyland more than once only under protest
Sneak dessert after dinner.

Then I had no idea
Of my mother’s limited time
Of my father’s limited words
Of my brother’s unlimited genius.

Now I have vague ideas
Of my own limited time
Of my husband’s verbal deficiencies
Of my children’s boundless curiosity.

Then I would have given anything
For boys to notice me
To be thin and pretty
To get the solos in the choir concerts
To always have a date for the dance.

Now I would give anything
To see my mom again
To be happy in my skin
To have time to sing solos for someone other than myself
Now that I have the date
To find the time to dance.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ears, Nose and Throat

The saga of Sam continues.

One of the tubes in his ears is working its way out. There is fluid that has collected behind it and the fluid is not draining. After two recent ear infections (or one that never cleared, despite antibiotics), when we went to the doctor for an ear check prior to our trip to Florida, the nurse practicioner referred us back to the ENT (otolaryngologist--fun word) to decide what to do about the tube.

We saw the ENT today. After examining his ears and gathering anecdotal data on Sam's snoring (loud), breathing (loud and through the mouth) and sleeping (waking up several times a night), the ENT decided that Sam needs to have a new tube put in his left ear. And, excitement of all excitement, he needs to have his adenoids removed. And his tonsils removed. And he isn't yet two. Apparently, all of these things can constrict his airway, resulting in the snorting, snoring and general restlessness he experiences every day, as well as the frequent ear infections.

Unless there is a cancellation in February, his surgery is scheduled for April 4. Someone informed me today that that is the Reds' opening day. I am thinking of it as Sam's opening day. He will have to stay overnight in the hospital at least one night and the recovery period is about 10-14 days if I am lucky. Poor little dude. I hope this doesn't completely change his personality--he is such a laid back kid. But I guess they're not dealing with any neurology, and I've probably been watching too much Grey's Anatomy (best show ever--omg do you believe that Ellis woke up finally?).

As if this is not enough, my lovely 18 month old little boy is not yet walking, so we are beginning the process of physical therapy. Scary terms are being thrown about, like "developmental delay." I am hopeful that with early intervention, he will "catch up" and be fine by the time he is three (or when he goes to school). He is meeting most other milestones, but the walking just isn't happening. We can't quite figure out why. He had xrays of his hips and spine, to see if there was a physiological problem, and the xrays didn't show anything. He will cruise and will take awkward steps holding hands with an adult. He just won't do any of it on his own. I know he will probably walk when he is ready, but most kids are running at this age.

So we are starting PT and we are meeting with a neurologist in March to make sure that his lack of walking isn't caused by a neurological problem.

Other than that and a sinus infection (me) and not sleeping (any of us), life here is peachy keen. I'm headed to Seattle in March to visit my soon to be born nephew, Baby Boy Wacksman, and I can't wait!

It's freaking cold here too, but at least we didn't have any tornadoes. We also have weather above zero, which is a bonus.

And I'm back to writing class Monday--hoo-rah!