Sunday, January 07, 2007

sunday bloody sunday

I'm getting tired of the bedtime fights with dd. It's enough already.

Hectic weekend. I miss my writing class and my small group! We were supposed to get together over the break, but it looks like we are all lacking in time and motivation. Incidentally, I realized that that was a major theme in my own writing as well (or lack of writing). But I'm working on it for the year. Not in a resolutionary way, but in a "let's just hit it" way.

DS is making strides in walking--he's not quite there yet, but he is getting there. He will walk if I hold one of his hands. I'm trying to be patient with him. I know he will do it when he is ready. But he's 17 mos and he should be doing this by now. I know some kids don't walk until they're two. Maybe he'll be a genius in other, non-large motor ways.

I have a knitting date with a friend tomorrow night--yeay! I can't wait to get out and knit in public. I've never done that socially before, so it should be interesting.

Today was my grandfather's yahrtzeit. I miss him. He would have been 101, had he lived this long. He had a great spirit. I hear his voice saying "he's such a mahzik" about my brother. I'll have to look up what that one means, but I think it's akin to my grandma calling him "little pish-shone" (which I think loosely translates to 'little pisher.') Or my mom calling him "shtunk." All this Yiddish that I don't know! They all mean Jeremy to me, except Sam is starting to earn the name "shtunk" as well--when he does something smart or cute.

I'm reading AL Franken's "The Truth (with Jokes)" and it is slow going. Or maybe it is again lack of time. I also got Pynchon's new one out of the library, but it is a hefty tome and I will probably have to give it back before I finish (or at this rate, start) it.

I made some MK sales, so I'm happy about that. Whoo-hoo. Go me.

I have some journaling to post at some point, as well as a poem. Maybe later this week.

If you are keeping score, all four of us are healthy, but I know that as I type this, the germs are well, germinating, and getting ready for their next viral strike. But for today (and yesterday) we are healthy.

Friday, January 05, 2007

happy happy joy joy

All four of us slept through the night in our own, respective beds. It's been a long time coming, and I don't necessarily expect a repeat performance anytime soon, but hoorah, hoorah for sleeping through the night!

Yoga this morning, Shepherd's Pie to make this afternoon, and then a meeting at school. Oh the fun. I know you are all jealous.

Been filling in the gaps in Maya's Story, trying to get it in some sort of order before class starts at the end of the month.

Kiddos starting swimming lessons this week. That was fun. The pool was nice and warm though (and no peeing, despite what you are thinking, it was a heated pool).

Has anyone ever owned a share in a CSA (community supported agriculture)? I've been reading up, and as we are so close to farms around here, I am thinking about joining to expand my repertoire of vegetables, and to get organic produce. Just curious....

Fighting the doldrums.... sunshine to us all.