Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wow, the whole Blogger interface has changed since I last posted. It's gonna take me a while to figure this all out. So much has changed, both inside and outside the blogosphere.

Lots of people (famous and not) have died. Wondering if I should start a list. Isn't there a "celebrity death watch" type list that someone quasi-famous maintains? Now we have to add Donna Summer to the list, along with Whitney Houston. I know there are others; people die every day. I find it interesting that since Whitney's autopsy results were several weeks after the "shock" of her death, they actually received little news coverage. It's old news in the 24/7 news cycle we're all used to. I kinda miss the days of thought and commentary, when there were actual experts on subjects in the news, rather than just talking heads that newscasters cut to to fill the hours. Everyone, it seems, wants to make the news, rather than report on what happened to others. Where do we draw the line?

I listened to Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" in the doctor's office the other day. Talk about dated. I remember when that song was cutting edge and up to the minute. Guess I'm feeling my age today.