Monday, March 03, 2014

They really want a fish

My daughter, the future lawyer/writer, just handed me a list of ten reasons why she and her brother should be allowed to get a fish as a pet. I have had a strong "no pet" policy in the house since I have had my own domicile; I figure I have enough to be getting on with, cleaning up after my two children and my husband who is not the tidiest person on the planet. Anything with hair is definitely out. We entertained the idea of a hermit crab for a time, until last summer, when she learned that she would have to handle the crab to bathe it. Bye-bye hermit crab. Here are my daughter's Reasons for a fish (with her spelling and grammar intact):

  1. We can show you how responisble we are.
  2. They are colorful.
  3. They can keep you entertained.
  4. We can expeirence the fish so we know if we should get them when we have kids.
  5. We are going to keep bugging you for one.
  6. It would teach mommy to love pets.
  7. We can relive the barfing fish everyday.
  8. It will teach us how to take care of a pet.
  9. Most of my freinds have pets.
  10. If we get 2 fish will have somone to keep him company.
While #7 made me smile (a throwback to a fish tank in a restaurant on summer vacation two years ago), I have to marvel at her skillful use of rhetoric in #4 and #5, with the appeal to emotion on #10. Sadly, I am not swayed by the bandwagon on #9.

Since she has agreed to clean the tank (I don't think she has a clue what she is in for), we will be adding an unknown quantity of fish to our household in the near future. I figure if she and her brother drop the ball, there will be natural consequences that I can live with (flush), and everyone will learn a lesson. Who knows, I might be pleasantly surprised (#6, #8, #1).