Friday, March 13, 2009

stuff's falling out


i like the phrase "smitten kitten." i don't remember the first place i heard it. it surfaced in my head last night while watching "Grey's" (or today while reading a recap on TVOP--yes, i do still read those, even though they are out of vogue with the hipsters now). holy parenthetical, batman.

speaking of, and i'm not going to bother with a spoiler alert because about 1.5 people read this blog (according to google stats, anyway) except for some random person in Etobicoke (seriously) who has returned after hitting me once, presumably on accident, the recent development on Grey's with Izzie brought me to this thought:

if brain cancer can cause hallucinations, can it cause hysterical (or empathic) hallucinations as well? that would explain much about my mid-to-late teenage years.

i tried to figure out a way to make that status-worthy during my traffic-laden commute this morning, but can up empty-handed.

and, on said commute, it occurred to me that leaving a camera in my car and snapping pics, then labeling pics with ironic captions and posting them, might give me something else to do besides wait for the light to turn green and feel guilty about checking fb and playing bubble breaker when i should be concentrating on driving. some chick next to me was putting on mascara this morning in the lane next to me. this one light cycle is so short, and it is the last of a series of four lights in a tiny stretch of road--it took more than three cycles to make it through today. hello yawn. i'm not good at idle. except when there's yoga or cake involved. or yoga with cake. that would be a fun new exercise class. but i'd gain weight instead of toning up. and who wants to clean up cake crumbs off of yoga mats.

i learned "fragging" is actually a word and not something Legion made up as a euphemism or substitute for another f-word or "freakin'." who knew. and yes, i posted that on my status yesterday, but nyeah, i thought it was worth repeating.

statuses (stati?) are hard to come up with now that curb girl pointed out that most people write about their children, their illness, their children's illness, or what they're eating. i would add "random song lyrics that somehow match what is going on in their lives" to that list. i would rather be original. so, no status as i am not original in the slightest while editing lessons on the Depression, Great.

i could use random words for my status and really f*ck with everyone. fun times. i might throw some random dico crap up there and see what sticks. i'm too lazy (and tired) to compose at the moment. i miss my piano. not that i'm composing on it--or ever have, except once in junior high, when i tried to write out something on manuscript paper and it took too freaking long and then i couldn't read my writing.

i am out of practice, journal-wise. i need the structure of wwfac.

weird dream about a past house that i actually never lived in. very gothic, lots of rooms, very cool, multipaneled fridge and deck and bar--not sure what any of it means except that we are starting to think about house hunting again.

fellas next to me are discussing how Jesus looks like John Brown in "found items" like scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, etc. as in, "how do they see Jesus? why not John Brown or Darwin?"

back to work before I....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i love this blog

Eavesdrop DC
I wish I would overhear something hysterical to add....