Saturday, June 16, 2012

Their Taste in Music

Recently, my kids have gotten into music. Finally, we are past the kid music stage. Shalom, Laurie Berkner, G'dday, Wiggles. We even seem to be moving out of the Chipmunks stage, although the shuffle still lands on them occasionally. I have to give some credit where credit is due--our day camp does a great job of Mifkad--morning wake up--where the kids have to get up and dance before they start the day. In the past few years, Mifkad has included Shakira, the Popcorn Song, and other more palatable selections (relative to the Wiggles).

While I still give my kids liberal exposure to musical theater (they have to know their heritage, after all), and nothing warmed my heart more than having my daughter request patter songs from Into the Woods and Kerrigan and Lowdermilk's "Party Dress" or hearing my son sing "Defying Gravity" along with us, it is nice that popular music has enter their sphere of reference. They have a vertiable lexicon now, between Dad's love of 50s, 60s, and soul; my love of 80s and musical theater; and everything they themselves choose. They're comfortable requesting "Green Onions," Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Queen, music from Glee, Taio Cruz, the Black Eyed Peas, and beyond.

So it is funny when criticize one another for their musical taste. My son's two favorite songs of late are "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction and "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO. Fortunately, we have the Kids Bop version of "Party Rock" (as well as the Pokemon version--don't ask), so I don't have to worry quite as much about the lyrics. But theses two songs have been in constant rotation in our house. The kids have discovered Spotify and I have to fight to get a song in the lineup. Sam put the music on the other morning before school, and we were treated to two rounds of "Party Rock" before leaving. We got into the car and I overheard the following exchange, which I only picked up about halfway into the conversation:

Syd: No, you won't.
Sam: Yes, I will.
Syd: No, you won't!
Sam: I will too. I will always like them.
Syd: No, in a couple of years you'll be sick of them.

Me: What are we talking about?

Syd: Sam thinks that he is going to like the same songs that he likes now in a couple of years. And I said he won't like them.
Sam: But I will!
Syd: (who is getting increasingly exasperated) Remember how a couple of years ago everyone was into Justin Beaver?
Me: Bieber.
Syd: Right, Beaver. Anyway, remember how he was so big? And then a little while later, everyone was so into Big Time Rush?
Sam: Yes.
Syd: Now everyone likes One Direction and LMFAO. But it will change.
Sam: But I will still like them.
Syd: (shudders slightly) Dude, a few years ago you liked trains.

Oh, the world-weariness she has at nine and the optimism he still has at six!

As much as I enjoy a good "Party Rock," I hope our playlist grows soon. There is only so much LMFAO one can listen to.... Wiggles, anyone?

The Girlfriend

(A conversation between my son--age 6--and me, as I'm tucking him into bed for the night. He has mentioned a few friends, two of whom happen to be girls.)

Me: Is she nice?
Sam: Yes.
Me: Is the other one nice?
Sam: Yes.
Me: Is she cute?
Sam: I don't know.
Me: Is she your girlfriend?
Sam: No. (beat) I guess I need to get one of those.
Me: One of what?
Sam: A girlfriend.
Me: Oh, you have time.
Sam: I do?
Me: Lots of time.
Sam: Like how long?
Me: I don't know. Twenty-five?
Sam: How about eighteen?
Me: That's fine.