Monday, July 10, 2006

Life is too short to wear cheap underwear

Life is too short to wear cheap underwear
To not take care of your body
To stay mad at your kids
Or friends
Or family

To pass on chocolate
Be it cookie or cake
To not follow your dreams

This is turning into a hallmark style card
Or internet forward
Which is not what I intended.

The intent was to capture
A la WCW in This is Just to Say,
My thoughts as they spun
In my underwear drawer this morning
Wondering what to choose
And deciding
Last of all

I have no underwear
Worthy of a Monday in July
With shining sun
Sleeping child
Freshly painted toenails
And 20 minutes to capture
A thought that will not leave
About underwear
and Life.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Free the press, the free press

An interesting perspective that I never before considered. If the public had been made aware of the atrocities of WWI, how would things have been different?

It is becoming common knowledge that FDR was aware of the Holocaust and the camps, and didn't publicize. I am not judging this supposition. I am merely wondering about the increased role of the press from WWI to WWII to Vietnam to today.

In the world of TMI, are the sources from which we need to hear being surpressed? Spin doctors work on both (all) sides of the political spectrum, but I think we sometimes get lost in the messenger's presentation and lose the message.

How to sort it all out and avoid future atrocities?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Chemistry quiz answers

Because curb girl wanted to know (although I think the quiz can stand on its own, using your imagination for the "right" answers), here are the correct answers in my world to the previous post's chemistry quiz. Please keep in mind that Chem was my absolute worst subject in school--the only D I ever earned was on a Chem final. Moles are critters in the ground, not whatever quantity 6 x 10 to the -23 power is. Or 6.02. Whatever. I got a D. That's the important lesson. NEver trust me with chemicals. Or children and chemicals. Or a batch of fresh-made chocolate chip cookies, because I will inhale every single one of them until I am sick.

Anyway, the answers:

1. Liquid. The cereal has congealed with milk by the point that the 3 year old loses interest in it entirely.

2. Solid. The liquid falls through the cracks in the booster seat leaving the solid mushy contents on the chair.

3. Liquid if you catch them in enough time. Solid if they have time to bond with the three day old cheerios stuck to the side of the chair.

4. Solid. There has been a chemical reaction which no amount of stain remover can undo.

5. Gas. Of course. That was an easy one. Apple-prune juice's prime function in a baby's life is to relieve constipation and the by-product of that relief is gas. Usually given off at a most inopportune time, like in the middle of a movie or in the car when it's pouring down rain and you can't open the windows.

6. Fucking mess. Actually, it's a liquid-soaked solid. If you get there in enough time.

7. A trick question. A mother in this scenario has no brain to speak of, so technically, it's a vacuum.

Who's up for babysitting and cookie splitting?