Monday, July 10, 2006

Life is too short to wear cheap underwear

Life is too short to wear cheap underwear
To not take care of your body
To stay mad at your kids
Or friends
Or family

To pass on chocolate
Be it cookie or cake
To not follow your dreams

This is turning into a hallmark style card
Or internet forward
Which is not what I intended.

The intent was to capture
A la WCW in This is Just to Say,
My thoughts as they spun
In my underwear drawer this morning
Wondering what to choose
And deciding
Last of all

I have no underwear
Worthy of a Monday in July
With shining sun
Sleeping child
Freshly painted toenails
And 20 minutes to capture
A thought that will not leave
About underwear
and Life.


Legion said...


Now that was brillant. Very sweet and funny and snapshotie (can I make that a word.)

Nicely done. My favorite line has to be "The intent was to capture...My thoughts as they spun in the underwear drawer"

trAcy said...

this is just to say. . .is that the one about "i ate all the lemons because they looked so sweet," etc.? i know it's not lemons.

life is too short to wear bad underwear and socks, unless you're poor and then that's the sign you are, that you can't afford to get your own new skivvies.

especially when underwear for is sometimes $14 a piece.

hearmysong said...

plums, i believe.