Thursday, July 06, 2006

Free the press, the free press

An interesting perspective that I never before considered. If the public had been made aware of the atrocities of WWI, how would things have been different?

It is becoming common knowledge that FDR was aware of the Holocaust and the camps, and didn't publicize. I am not judging this supposition. I am merely wondering about the increased role of the press from WWI to WWII to Vietnam to today.

In the world of TMI, are the sources from which we need to hear being surpressed? Spin doctors work on both (all) sides of the political spectrum, but I think we sometimes get lost in the messenger's presentation and lose the message.

How to sort it all out and avoid future atrocities?


trAcy said...

it's not that i don't have "faith" in humanity, but there will always be atrocities, even those that take place right under our noses.

germans in germany knew what was going on. some people acted. most did not. as far as what the american public knew, i'm not aware of the extent.

i don't see many u.s.americans acting much to counter what our government is doing to people here and abroad now.

hearmysong said...

yes, human nature can suck. we can be ostriches with heads in sand.

we aren't doing jack, even though we know more than jack.