Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The universe is conspiring against me today. My Pandora channel has played two Barbra Streisand songs and one Neil Diamond (ack!) song--two of my mom's favorites. Then it moved on to musical theatre, where it's been for about two hours. And now I've got "Thank You for the Music" from Mamma Mia! which is what we sang at Leslie Knotts' retirement party.

I miss these two women. I know I do. But the universe doesn't have to keep reminding me.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

craving a cheesy burrito?

And, well, on little sleep, who isn't? I haven't seen a Taco Bell commercial in a while, but I stumbled upon this gem of a fake-you-out cheesy, meaty, burrito and indulged for dinner. Yum x 15. The site has some other good fake-outs, although the liberal use of sweeteners in the dessert section has me a little spooked. Still, who knew that brownie mix, pureed pumpkin and peanut butter could stand in for fudge?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

80s fellas say hey-ya

This made me giggle a little, until I got to the third video and they spelled "pecs" wrong.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

watching my language

DH actually asked me to watch my language around the kids. I guess all that swearing under my breath is not as under my breath as I thought. Oops. I haven't heard any of it directed back at me yet, thank god, but I'm sure that day is coming.

Nevermind that DH often shouts "Shut up _________!" from his side of the bed when we have put one or both of the kids back in their beds for the upteenth time and they won't stop screaming their heads off at 2 a.m. And I have heard "Shut up ______!" from at least one kid's mouth in the last month. I jumped on it, called it rude, etc., substituted language--but how much can I really jump on it when it's coming from a parent's mouth?

Modern parenting dilemmas.

I was treated to yet another episode of "Charmed" at the gym yesterday. At this point, I'm counting how many different hairstyles Alyssa Milano goes through. I think it's up to six. Yesterday she had bangs. And she was dressing a lot more conservatively--she had morphed from whatever she was, which required abdomen-baring clothing, to radio call-in host, which required more business-appropriate attire. One of the younger girls has now appropriated all of her abdomen-baring clothing.

I am learning all about Wikis for work, which has made me want to Wiki just about everything in my life, from grocery lists to recipes to recaps to blogs. Wiki overkill?

Someone in my office just posed a question about an ellipsis, and another editor said, "I had an ellipsis question earlier in the week too. I'm getting into these ellipses things. En-dashes and Em-dashes are so 2008."

Uproarious laughter all around. He's an Eagles fan. And spent some time in West Lafayette, IN, so we have bonded over Midwest snow horror stories. I am willing to forgive him the Eagles obsession because it is damned hard to be a Bengals fan in the middle of Ravens/Steelers territory.

Oops. I did it again.