Sunday, January 07, 2007

sunday bloody sunday

I'm getting tired of the bedtime fights with dd. It's enough already.

Hectic weekend. I miss my writing class and my small group! We were supposed to get together over the break, but it looks like we are all lacking in time and motivation. Incidentally, I realized that that was a major theme in my own writing as well (or lack of writing). But I'm working on it for the year. Not in a resolutionary way, but in a "let's just hit it" way.

DS is making strides in walking--he's not quite there yet, but he is getting there. He will walk if I hold one of his hands. I'm trying to be patient with him. I know he will do it when he is ready. But he's 17 mos and he should be doing this by now. I know some kids don't walk until they're two. Maybe he'll be a genius in other, non-large motor ways.

I have a knitting date with a friend tomorrow night--yeay! I can't wait to get out and knit in public. I've never done that socially before, so it should be interesting.

Today was my grandfather's yahrtzeit. I miss him. He would have been 101, had he lived this long. He had a great spirit. I hear his voice saying "he's such a mahzik" about my brother. I'll have to look up what that one means, but I think it's akin to my grandma calling him "little pish-shone" (which I think loosely translates to 'little pisher.') Or my mom calling him "shtunk." All this Yiddish that I don't know! They all mean Jeremy to me, except Sam is starting to earn the name "shtunk" as well--when he does something smart or cute.

I'm reading AL Franken's "The Truth (with Jokes)" and it is slow going. Or maybe it is again lack of time. I also got Pynchon's new one out of the library, but it is a hefty tome and I will probably have to give it back before I finish (or at this rate, start) it.

I made some MK sales, so I'm happy about that. Whoo-hoo. Go me.

I have some journaling to post at some point, as well as a poem. Maybe later this week.

If you are keeping score, all four of us are healthy, but I know that as I type this, the germs are well, germinating, and getting ready for their next viral strike. But for today (and yesterday) we are healthy.

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