Thursday, November 30, 2006

i'm ba-ack!

we have officially moved our house and all its crap (and there was a ton, believe me) to our new location. visually, i feel like puking everytime i walk into a room because of the insane mess everywhere i look, but i know it is temporary. at least i hope it is temporary.

i won't bore you with mundane details, except to say that since we moved in four days ago, the dishwasher is no longer working, the ceiling fan/overhead light in our bedroom isn't working, we've lost two lights, we can't figure out how to get many of the electrical sockets to work, despite having switched numerous switches on and off in dizzifying combinations, and the toilet in the kids' bathroom is broken. we knew about the toilet though, so that is no surprise.

i have learned how to light a pilot light on a hot water heater. i have learned that with gas furnaces with automatic pilot lights, the covers have to be on 'just so' in order to have heat. that took me a while. i have learned that young children are not as resiliant as everyone says. i have learned that important things, like screws for your bedframe, should ALWAYS be taped to the frame before moving. well, i knew that, but someone (ahem, dh) didn't listen.

i also learned that i have more clothes than i will ever wear in a decade, so i will be trimming my wardrobe very soon.

oh, and i learned this little tidbit today: Greg, the yellow Wiggle, is retiring due to health problems. Many of Sydney's friends will have a very difficult time with this news.

It's raining. ick. but i'm back, on my own computer, in my own office.


Legion said...

Congrats on the move. We still have about 5 boxes that haven't yet been unpacked and we moved 15 months ago.

See what you have to look foward to?


Applecart T. said...

well, if one had to lose a wiggle, it might as well be the yellow one. . .

i taped bed screws to the bedframe once!

why would so many silly little things not work in a lovely newish suburban home? it's not like you can call the former realtor or owners, right? : (

that's a longish list of repairs for folks who are banned from fixing things like bathrooms and such.

but, you made it!

i am afraid of pilot lights.

the boxes are temporary.

i have discovered, too, that if all our clothes are actually clean at once, there is not enough drawer space to store them all. laundry is a form of storage that allows one to buy too many clothes, i guess. kind of like credit cards. . .