Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What I Like and Don't Like About Writing

In class, we had a fastwrite prompt to respond to Philip Schultz's poem "What I Like and Don't Like"

Here's my fastwrite:

When I Write

I like being able to take of my shoes
And nurse a cup of coffee
That's not so strong that a spoon
Stands at attention within its bounds.

I like indistinguishable background noise but I also like silence.
I like classical music and even-keeled jazz.
I don't like lyrics because they pull focus,
And I don't like strong coffee because then I can't sit still.

I like being at home at my desk by the picture window overlooking the pond.

I like this style of pen.

I don't like the phone
But I can't bring myself to silence it.

I like to pace around the kitchen
Or empty the dishwasher
While the words germinate.
I like wandering into the dining room
And feeling the curved chairs
While thoughts percolate.

Padding in pajamas and slippers
Owning my own time.

I like deciding when to eat lunch
Even if it's 3 p.m.

I don't like rigidity,
Or when the computer freezes up.
I don't like spam but
I also don't like when the whole day drifts by
Without a single email from
family or friend.

I like smelling tomato sauce bubbling on the stove
As I aim to sum up my final line.

I hate the sound of my printer--
Too distracting.
I don't like TV during the day.

I like getting out,
Going for a run,
Tricking my mind into
Subconscious problem solving
By outrunning my thoughts.

I like browsing and meandering store aisles
Imagining what I would buy
With my imaginary advance.

Mostly, I like
Being alone with my thoughts--
the quiet that embraces me
as the pen scratches along.

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