Monday, July 14, 2008

new yoga studio

Found a new yoga studio that does work exchange! This is very happy news, as a class runs about $120 for an eight week session. There is one work exchange slot left for the summer session (Sunday nights from 5:15-7:15) which would probably work fine. Lots of classes to choose from, although I will still miss Jennifer horribly.

Also corresponded with a fellow raveler today about a knitting group in fairfax. this was happy. yeay community!

jobs, anyone?

patience, daniel-sun (or as amy f. used to call me "daniel-daughter"). it will come.

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Applecart T. said...


i am lead by my experience that the old mr. miagi would call him daniel-kun, which is a diminutive for younger males.

ally-chan, ganbate!

(i can call you that as endearment, not because you're younger than i : )