Sunday, August 02, 2009


Today I'm struck by the random interaction that can lead to lifelong friendship. No, I haven't started writing for Hallmark. But sharing a class, a desk, or 10 weeks of rehearsal; or a chance meeting at Target, or being introduced by a friend of a friend, or taking the leap and making a phone call, or asking a new acquaintance if she would like to get together for coffee... these are the events that have introduced me to my closest friends. These are the women who know me best, who know that having to hang up the phone to deal with a child-related emergency doesn't mean that I don't want to finish the conversation or hear the end of the story, it means that I would much rather hear the end of the story but the screeching prevents me from doing what I would rather do.

These women, in the various circles I have run, know that I remain connected even when I am far away. They know that they are in my thoughts when I don't call or email. They are aware, through an "autre" female sense that I am experiencing something that makes me think of them.

The turtle, moving too slowly to dodge oncoming traffic....
The stack of carts in the supermarket, all decked in red....

There is more to say, but the child's emergency pulls me away again. Perhaps later I'll finish this thought.

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Anna Bananas said...

I completely understand - some of my best friends (matthew in particular) were made when I happened to take a leap and talk to some stranger. And I think they all know, that even if we don't talk daily, weekly, monthly that if something should happen I would be there in a moments notice.