Friday, June 09, 2006

Where do I want to be today?

This is a weird freewrite from March in response to the prompt "Where do I want to be today?"

I want to overflow with words
Tip them out of my soul
Give up TV—
Except for “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Write at six
Then again at 10
Run far and fast
Sprint if I can

Fly above
Burrow below
Snuggle with the kids
Then let them go.

Sing and sing
And sing again
Songs of praise and
Songs of sorrow.

Movement comes up
Then down again
Willing me; go
Pack some more

Donate books
Box up clothes
Portion out pieces
Of ourselves.

Unknown set before
The past behind
The twilight above us
All in the mind

Home-gazing; Fuzzy,
On three winged trees
Shakespeare’s words
Ride gently next to me.

Feet of iambs
Hands of clay
Are you going to die today?

Without knowing what is right
Dreaming what is true
Seeing us grow up

What has become of you?
What has become of you?

1 comment:

trAcy said...

good rap.
this must be what happens before one comes down with a wicked crazy illness?