Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry F***ing Chrismukah

Chrismukah is what my brother and his wife have christened their holiday at this time of year.

I am in a crappy mood because a) I have not been out of the house in 48 hours b) I have Scrooge blood running through my veins c) I have had my dear daughter home in my presence since 11 am on Tuesday morning--almost one full week of sheerly blissful, sick almost 4 year old. witness the grey hair sprouting on my head with each whiny half-syllable of complaint out of her tiny, fever and cough-ridden body.

I am also fighting a major virus. Ick. Sore throat and fatigue.

I am also ready to hurl the television out of the window. If I have to watch "Franklin's Magic Christmas" one more time, I will lose my mind.

If you find it, please let me know.


trAcy said...

franklin, a turtle. i thought maybe it was a spin-off with the peanuts character. : )

wow, don't envy you. have you ever made a chart of illness for you and your family? how many "infection-free days" would there be, do you think, when everyone is well at the same time.

i'm just curious, since dealing with stuff seems to be your way of life.

hearmysong said...

never have made the chart, possibly because it would just depress the hell out of me.

dd is better, ds now has the beginnings of pneumonia, and i am fighting off a sinus infection. i'm sure getting up four times last night to deal with his coughing didn't help my sinuses!

yes, franklin is a turtle. and it's way too "happy" to be a peanuts spin-off. there isn't enough underlying philosophizing either.

but it's not as bad as barney!