Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the snorefest that was the emmys

Yes, I watched, since there wasn't anything else on and I was knitting. Have to have something to take my mind off the monotony of stockinette stitch.

And I wanted a glimpse of Jon Hamm, a fellow Mizzou alum whom I did theatre with occasionally.

Anyway, loved this recap by Heather Havrilesky on Salon:

"Ah, but justice is never served during these torturous times of censorship, rampant idiocy and national decline, haven't you noticed? That's why, after HBO's "Recount" wins Emmys for made-for-television movie and for directing for a miniseries, movie or dramatic special, "John Adams" writer Kirk Ellis is cut off midway through his acceptance speech (writing for a miniseries, movie or dramatic special) just for thanking a few people "for giving me this amazing opportunity to talk about a period in history when articulate men articulated complex thoughts in complete sentences. They used words ..." Cue chirpy promo for the next segment. Yes, articulating complex thoughts and using words are strictly forbidden at these 60th annual Emmy Awards, just as in the mainstream press coverage of this presidential election. If you can't speak entirely in empty clich├ęs, America doesn't want to hear it."

Sadly, so true.

Heroes is on the dvr, waiting for me tonight. Thank god the fall season of tv has arrived. I never thought I'd be saying that, but look, here I am.


Applecart T. said...

g. loves heroes, too.
wow, so sad to hear that american can't stomach a few minutes' intellect. we wonder why we have "failure."
what show was tops?
yes, i can check el internetes.

Applecart T. said...

darn them!