Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ostrich-like behavior observed outside the Beltway

I am going to have to stop listening to the news. It's just too depressing. I came away from my morning run today feeling sad and beaten down, rather than energized. I just can't start the day that way anymore.

I need some escapism. The Great Depression had (affordable) films. What will we in the 21st century have? And please don't tell me YouTube. I avoid it like the plague.

My question following the ho-hum debate of platitudes last night:
Both candidates, how do you intend to finance the tax cuts/government takeover of struggling homeowners' mortgages/other campaign carrots you are throwing out to win the election?

And don't use the old "I'm going to go line by line through the budget and eliminate pork barrel spending and programs that aren't working." I don't believe you. You only have four years in office and it will probably take at least two to read through the budget itself, much less writing a new, amended one and getting that budget through a sharply-divided, I-won't-cross-the-aisle-and-even-if-I-do-it's-only-to-look-good-to-my-constituents-so-I-can-be-reelected Congress.

Why would either of these guys want to inherit the quagmire anyway? Who would actually want this job?

I want a solid plan with definitive details. I want to know that you are going to be responsible with the money you have been given to get us out of this mess. I want transparency on the Hill.

[putting head back in sand]
That's all for now.


Legion said...

On a lighter note, for free film fare check out my website, silly. :D

Applecart T. said...

grains of salt i enjoy:

lowest in five years (were we freaking out this bad then? i don't think so)

dow dropped X from its all time record high a year ago


it's all relative. we were so HIGH, you know? this is the post-munchy snooze.