Wednesday, October 15, 2008

talking heads

Live debate blog:

Is Joe Plumber related to Joe Six Pack? I can only imagine who has the better body.

"i know how to save the taxpayers billions...." Okay, Sen. McCain. How are you going to reverse the deficit? I don't buy any of this. Blah, blah, blah. I wish I had a hatchet right about now. A scalpel wouldn't be bad either.

"Sen Obama, I am not President Bush." Well, not in name, but your policies sure as hell are looking like they're in line with his. Would you be okay with Bush Lite?

Woulda, coulda, shoulda--the bottom line is that this campaign is all blow-hard bs. Can someone please just direct these guys back to the economy and foreign policy? enough he said-she said and name-calling. what are you going to do to turn this ship around?

I miss Bill.

Bob, do your job. Please redirect these guys back to the issues. Who watches or listens to tv ads anyway? Who cares about personal attacks? Please just talk about what is going to happen if you get the job. Why should we elect you?

No. Seriously. He just brought up ACORN? Until a little while ago, ACORN was all about McCain. Sigh. Do we need to have permanent ink fingerprints at the polls? Is that the only way to avoid ballot box stuffing and other election corruption?

When I was eight years old, I hung out with Republicans' children. Has it influenced me in the slightest? Not at all.

Oh, our buddy Joe the Plumber is back.

McCain is really fighting hard. But he's coming off a little desperate. He's fighting for his political life.

Ooo goody. We're going to get to Sarah Palin. Schieffer, that was a loaded question. Of course Biden is a better running mate than Palin. Point to Obama, without even opening his mouth. Actually, McCain should get a point because the question is so underhandedly stacked against the Republican ticket. The "moderator" (and by extension, the media) needs to be impartial. Cmon. Give it a try. They'll fuck up on their own (the candidates).

Palin? A role model? Seriously? Not so much.

Senator Government? That was funny. Freudian.

Too boring to even go on....

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Applecart T. said...

I liked "senator government," too!

Also, I'm a woman, not a mother, but Sarah's self doesn't do it for me.

Her appearance on SNL last night was o.k. Blandish. The Weekend Update part was scary.