Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I think, therefore I blog

I have not clogged the blogosphere with my random thoughts in quite some time. The universe is apparently unhappy with this, so I am posting random thoughts in the order in which they come.
My children have too much Halloween candy and too much of it is ending up in my mouth instead of theirs.
I was hounded at work to log 40 hours a week, but now that I am asking for 40 hours' worth of work, there isn't enough for me to do. Hello? Couldn't we have left well enough alone?
I edited two lessons on Hamlet today and realized how much I miss reading and studying literature for the joy of doing so.
I ate soup from a can and it wasn't bad.
My brother and sister-in-law are at a challenging point and if I were a praying person, I would pray. Instead, even thinking about praying for something makes me feel weird inside, so I will ask the universe and the primary unmoved mover (hello Aristotle) to cut them some slack.
I ran for 25 minutes today and it felt great. Take that, stupid hip and piriformis.
The house needs a new furnace and I don't want to make the calls to get the contractors to come out and estimate. It is all so much work. I wish I could delegate it. But if I do it won't get done. And we will be cold. And I don't like being cold.
I don't know what I'm fixing for dinner tonight. My children probably won't eat it anyway.
Glee is on tonight. Yeay! Jane Lynch was on Fresh Air this afternoon and she was candid and funny and generally a pleasure to listen to. And she didn't come out to her parents until she was 31. I can't imagine.
Heroes is getting worse. End it already, people.
It's dark in my corner of the office and I can't be bothered to turn on the light.
I'm feeling lazy.
I don't want to pack. Can't someone else do it for me?
I didn't vote yesterday. I know that I will be vilified for this, so I'm keeping mum to the outside world. I didn't know enough about the candidates and so I didn't make time. A Republican won the governor's race in VA, but with term limits, I don't see how it matters so much. Maybe I'm wrong. We'll see.
I blew and bagged leaves for nearly three hours this weekend before taking the kids out to trick or treat. The ache in my biceps has finally gone away. Guess it's time to do it again.
Our credit card bill was way way way too much this month, thanks to plane tickets to England for three, a root canal, a crown insertion, dentist visits for the kids, groceries, gas, and some random shopping. I'm starting to wonder if I swear off buying anything except foodstuffs and replacement articles of clothing, if that would be a good thing. Could I do it? Retail therapy has been helpful for me, since it keeps me from stuffing my face. But I need to find another outlet. Already running... can't do more of that yet. Writing! Ah yes, the forgotten art for which I have no time. It's NaNoWriMo and I haven't even thought about it. Has it really been two years since I wrote my novel? It's languishing in a drawer somewhere.
Legion is filming, doing what he has wanted to do his entire teenage and adult life (other than marry his beloved). Curbgirl is trying to make sense of the economic situation we all struggle with. JR is out of prison, thankfully, but can't seem to get herself back into society. My Facebook chums are alternately dealing with flu, behaviorally-challenged children, reductions in the workforce, bliss in religious life, and wonder at the comings of the natural world (high temps in Puerto Rico and Florida, low temps in Northern Ohio, snow in the upper Midwest, and ever-changing temps on the eastern seaboard--see above note re: flu).
I have to make arrangements to get the chimney inspected in the new house.
I wish I had a patron so I could write and not worry about money.
I aspire to Joyce's stream-of-consciousness writing, even though it is daunting for others to insert themselves into. I just ended a sentence with a preposition--bad, bad me.
Time to go make the donuts. I mean dinner.


Applecart T. said...

fun to read.
good to read.
chimneys are for sweeps.
donuts are for homer.
i should be either sleeping or working.
you should not have reminded me about VA republican thing. (i am a snobby "always voter," even when i know my vote won't matter/ my side will lose : )

Applecart T. said...

churchill has that famous quote about how it's not bad to end sentences with prepositions … it's a fake rule : )

enjoy (not confirmed, first thing that came up on google; gosh, how did i "know" anything / what did i do with my brain before internet? did i read or think or write or something? : )

i LOVE how jobbie says "do 40, but we don't have 40." sounds like a corporate invitation to milk it.