Wednesday, December 30, 2009

pre-New Year's Resolutions

Why wait, right? Friday is just another day in the grand scheme of things.

1. I resolve to count to ten more often before flying off the handle. Assuming I can remember to count to ten instead of flying off the handle.

2. I resolve to enjoy the food I put in my mouth, rather than inhaling it.

3. I resolve to increase my activity level to 45 min/day minimum, even if it means walking or biking after a run. I recognize that I will not be able to workout every day this year and I accept that limitation. I resolve to listen to my body and be sensible about running and all of the other activities I do, so that I am not sidelined by unnecessary injury.

4. I resolve to take more photos and upload them on a semi-regular basis.

5. I resolve to find one hour/week to write for me.

I think that's enough for now. These will be challenging, but not impossible. Most are measurable in some fashion, so that I can tell if I am successful.

Anyone else have resolutions to share?

I hate New Year's resolutions, by the way, which is why I'm resolving BEFORE the ball drops. It feels more authentic that way. Does that make me a fraud? I don't care if it does.

Counting to ten....

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Applecart T. said...

I'm always trying to do the same improvements with the same degree of failure. Apparently, I do not want to change.