Saturday, November 12, 2005

tagbacks are hell

legion, you little rascal, i so do read your griping.

it took me more than a month to do so, but i plead temporary insanity of two kiddos in the house and no velcro.

hope you are recovering from your dehydration.

i am still not running. well, that's not true. i ran last weekend--last sunday???--for 20 minutes. very very very slowly. i was tired. couldn't even do two miles. but at least i did more than one. and i walked the rest. for my first time out in more than seven months or so, i was pleased with the result. now to get out there more than once a week. sigh.

i am considering doing some pilates work at home to start strengthening my core a little more. syd is tipping the scales near 30 lbs these days and still likes to be picked up and carried from time to time. my back doesn't like this so much.

more things to say?

i'm excited about the impending harry potter release, although it looks LONG. hope i can stay awake.

my writing class is going well. when i feel more comfortable with the format, i will post some fallout from that.

i've been reading televisionwithoutpity for kicks. when i have time. I love Grey's Anatomy.

i would kill for a dinner out right now. with marc would be great. with another adult would be okay. see previous post for reasons why.

i linked to you. and to tracy. hope that's okay!

here are my sevens (not sure of protocol on this)

7 Things That Scare Me
Horror films
Martha Stewart (the devil incarnate, i'm sure of it)
Throwing up
Writer's block
Things that go bump in the night

7 Things I like most
Sam's smile
Syd's giggle
My friends
Reading things that take me out of myself for a time

7 Most important things in my room
Pillow with allergy protector thingy on it
DVD player
Glass of water
Comfy pajamas
Body pillow

7 Random facts about me
When I was five, I was given a Rorshach (inkblot) test and saw witches, ghosts and other Halloween imagery in every inkblot.
I've never colored or chemically altered my hair in any way.
Despite my being a Mary Kay consultant, most days I don't wear a lick of makeup.
I haven't changed the weight on my driver's license since I first got it at 16.
I slept with the lights on in my bedroom until I was 16 (see #1).
I may have two children, but inside I don't feel like a parent.
I hate green peppers, but I like red, yellow and orange ones.

7 Things I plan(hope) to do before I die
Go back to France
Sing the role of Fanny Brice in "Funny Girl"
Publish a book
Have one of my plays mounted as a full-scale, professional production
See my children get married and have children of their own (if that's what they decide they want to do)
Get down to the weight on my driver's license
Make a difference in the world

7 Things I can do
Be consistent
Love unconditionally
Knit, crochet, cross-stitch and sew buttons on
Interpret poetry
Speak French

7 Things I can’t do
Anything that requires a lot of upper body strength
Keep secrets well (unless they are really, really important, and then I usually have to tell Marc)
Watch "Finding Nemo"
Follow a lot of international news
Stay up all night (I've never really been able to do that)
Have infinite patience

7 Words I say the most
Functional (as in, "I am...")

7 Celeb crushes
Gale Harold
Colin Firth
Hugh Grant
Harrison Ford
Ewan McGregor
Sam West
Robin Williams (except for the back hair)

7 people tagged
Unfortunately, i don't know 7 bloggers at present. we here in the land of suburbia and mommyhood don't have oodles of time for blogging.


Farah said...
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Legion said...

It looks like you may have a blog spammer. Who the heck is farah? ;)

Just so you know, if you go to your options you can set preferences that only allow people who actually come to your page to make comments, that way you can eliminate spam like the above. The setting makes you have to type in a random word that shows up on the page when you comment.

Glad to hear about the run! That's awesome. Start small and build. There is absolutely no hurry. I haven't done squat in three weeks and just got back to doing things this past week and none of them was longer than 30 minutes. :D

I like your 7 list. But you should warn Tracy. Now that she's on your blogger links I'm going to start tagging her. :P

trAcy said...

me no know "tagging" beyond the world of aerosol paint art. to tag is to leave a single-line graffiti signature, sometimes in marker or acid-etching (as on windows).

i know someone named farah.

but spam sucks. is a decent place to try your literary quotes out.

memory is useless!