Thursday, January 08, 2009


"...all the way to New York.... I can feel the distance...."

Laura Bush just ordered new presidential china to the tune of $483,000.

How many people would that feed? Too tired to figure out the math....

At least it wasn't taxpayer money. But still... the private foundation that covers the cost of the new dishes would have done well to donate that cash elsewhere. I bet GM would have been happy to receive it.

Basketweave and magnolias? Not my taste. Somehow, I doubt it's Michelle Obama's either. It's so... southern.

The disconnect between those at the top and those struggling to find (or keep) work has never been more apparent.

[Stepping off soapbox now]

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Applecart T. said...

Weird, they buy china for the next one? Gross. Why can't they just use the other china? What, the Bushes have to go put it in their Library/Museum? Bleh. I totally need new dishes, and all I need is about $200.